Wellness To Thrive

Helping you live a vibrant life with essential oils

Helping you live a vibrant life with essential oils

Helping you live a vibrant life with essential oilsHelping you live a vibrant life with essential oils

Value, Purity & a guide for a Vibrant Life

We always recommend beginning with a Premium Starter Kit.

Young Living has created these Kits with you in mind.

To bring value, quality and a lifetime of wellness.

TO ORDER: Connect with the person you have been chatting wellness with. 


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The Power of Thieves

The power of Thieves comes in a Premium Starter Kit!

(2) Thieves Household Cleaner

(2) Thieves Hand Soap

(2) Thieves Spray

(2) Thieves Hand Santizer

(1) Aromabright Toothpaste

(1) Thieves Mouthwash

(1) 15 mL Thieves essential oil

(1) 5 mL Stress Away essential oil

(1) Aromaglide Fitment

(2) Ningxia Red packets

Magazine, Product Guide, samples = $160 (plus tax/shipping)


Citrus CBD Oil

Calm CBD Roll-On

CBD Muscle Rub

Nature's Ultra CBD products are infused with the potent power of Young Living essential oils. Learn all about Smart Spectrum CBD:  https://naturesultra.com/ 

Available in:

Regular Strength = $165 (plus tax/shipping) 

Extra Strength = $250 (plus tax/shipping)

Remember, state restrictions apply; please educate yourself on CBD-related laws in your state before purchasing.

Learn why Nature's Ultra CBD is called 'Smart Spectrum' and have peace of mind with zero THC

Savvy Minerals Makeup

Since using Savvy Minerals Makeup, we have enjoyed a more healthy appearance in our skin.

Truly clean makeup makes a difference! 

Get started with a Premium Starter Kit in the choice of:

 Warm 2, Cool 2, Dark 1 or Dark 4

(1) Foundation

(1) Blush

(3) Eyeshadows

(1) Lip Gloss

(1) Mineral Spray

(1) Foundation Brush

(1) 5 mL Lavender essential oil

also with a Product guide, Magazine, Membership and more!

=$150 (plus tax/shipping)


Learn why Ningxia Red is the wellness drink of choice for vitality and a vibrant wellness journey!

You can start with a Premium Starter Kit of Ningxia Red.

(2) bottles of Ningxia Red 750mL

(30) packets of Ningxia Red singles 2oz

(14) Ningxia Nitro singles

(1) Stress Away essential oil 5mL

(1) Aromaglide roller fitment

(1) Thieves Household Cleaner sample packet

also with a Product Guide, Magazine, Membership and more!

$170 (plus tax/shipping)

Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

Your starter kit for a vibrant life!

The absolute best value for getting started with your wellness journey and Young Living!

Essential Oils PSK comes with:

(12) Essential oils

(1) Diffuser

(2) Aromaglide Fitments

(1) Thieves Hand Sanitizer

(2) Ningxia Red packets

(1) Thieves Household Cleaner sample

also with a Product Guide, Magazine, Membership and more.

Starting at : $165 (plus tax/shipping) Price changes with Diffuser choice.


Premium Starter Kits are the perfect choice to start a wellness lifestyle.

Enjoy a year of wholesale pricing with your membership! With Young Living, there are no minimum purchases required. You can order more product whenever you like.

DISCOVER THE WELLNESS BOX (aka: Essential Rewards)

Once you learn more about the benefits of essential oils and natural products, you will want to order a monthly wellness box through Essential Rewards. It is truly the most rewarding and giving ordering program there is! To truly benefit from a wellness lifestyle, we encourage you to learn more and save money!