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Are you living a VIBRANT life - one filled with energy and enthusiasm?

You should be! And here is where you find the secrets to do so!

Learn simple ways to support your wellness goals.

Become a pro with essential oils!

Don't invest in products that don't work.

Wellness To Thrive is a community, as much as it is a state of being.

The first thing you need to get started is a Premium Starter Kit !

  • Learn how to use it
  • Learn what NOT to do
  • Discover how easy it is to feel great and support your wellness goals!


We host and teach events.

Check out where the fun is!

We are available for teaching private classes.

Schedule your personal essential oil training today! Send us an email: info@wellnesstothrive.com

Seed To Seal

The Seed to Seal promise is why you should choose Young Living, the world leader in essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils



Are you confused about how to use Essential Oils to improve your well-being?

We were too! So we put our head's together and created a simple way to learn.

We show you:

  • The basics
  • The whys
  • Product options
  • Money saving tips
  • Everything you need to be a confident oiler!

Did you know essential oils can help:

  • you feel better
  • you rest better
  • help with a cranky spouse or kiddos
  • support your pets
  • clean your home naturally

It's easy to learn the benefits of essential oils, and how they help to enhance your body naturally!

... AND - it's SO much more than just oils...




We are just like you!

We want to feel great and have a vibrant life.

We want products that work and that are a great value.

We fell in love with Young Living at the first drop, and couldn't get enough of learning more.

You can learn more about who "we" are on our Team page.

Live OOLA!

We're big on Oola here too because: YOU are designed by God for greatness and a purpose! He put passion in your heart to do awesome things!
Oola Life is about striving for balance & growth in the 7 key areas of life:

  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Field (Career)
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fun

When you have balance in all 7, you're golden! 

Do You Have Dreams?

  The Oola Guys give us inspiration to achieve goals we set within each area. 

And there's Oola Tea to support our body's health and wellness.

Let's turn Dreams into Goals and crush 'em! 


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